Thursday, July 07, 2005

Gay Parenting vs Xtian Parenting

You might remember my article on Where The Rubber Meets The Road, back on June 13th. I wrote about a gay teenager named Zach, whose parents shipped him off to a Xtian (I still refuse to call right wing religious fanatics 'Christians'. It would be an insult to real Christians everywhere.) gulag called "Refuge" near Memphis Tennessee in order to convert him from being gay to being straight. Xtian straight, of course. The camp is a "tough love" establishment where the boy was put into solitary confinement and short rations until he saw the "light." As far as we know, he's still there.

I'd like to introduce you to another kid named Zach. Well, he's not really a kid anymore, he recently graduated from International High School in San Francisco. The news isn't that earth-shaking because Zach is straight. What makes it noteworthy is the comparison of the parents of Zach above with the parents of Zach in this instance.

You see, this second Zach has two Dads. Tim and Bill Matheson, who have been together for over 25 years, raised Zach since he was born and his mother gave him up for adoption. Zach says, "My family is pretty normal. I feel that I'm more tolerant of differences people might have, as opposed to someone with a mom and a dad."

All this flies in the face of people like James Dobson who claim Gay parents will try to turn adopted children into homosexuals like themselves. They also claim that gay parents can't provide a loving environment like a straight couple can. Tim and Bill and hundreds of thousands of other gay parents prove them wrong daily.

Be honest now, which set of parents here have done more for their child? Which pair would you want for parents if you were a teen? Which Zach needs protection from his parents? The parents who are sending their boy to college in the fall, or the parents that sent their child to Camp Hetro-Horror??

You say I'm choosing an extreme example? Am I? If so then why are there thousands of suicides every year by gay kids that think their parents hate them because of who they are? If so, why are organizations like Love In Action, or Exodus International, or Dobson's Love Won Out making money on the suffering of thousands of gay children across the US? Oops, I forgot. Making money is a right wing Republican blessing from God, isn't it?

There aren't ANY camps that attempt to turn straight kids into gays. Why are camps legal that attempt through coercion to turn gays kids into straights? Please explain to me where this is found in the Bible?

Thank you.

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"It is the logic of our times
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