Sunday, August 28, 2005

Big John McCain

It's 3 full years until the 2008 election. The bottom feeders who desire to get an "edge" on the other vermin who will throw their collective hats in the ring are already beginning to shop for the latest and greatest manure spreader that will insure them votes in upcoming primary elections and would help build a base for their springboard into the White House. The 2006 congressional elections are only a minor inconvenience that requires them to remain mum concerning their actual priorities.

The programs haven't been printed yet, nor have the tickets. But that isn't stopping your friendly neighborhood politicos from inviting the prostitutes into their bedroom in a randy effort to let all of them know that they are not only able to sell their souls,they are anxiously awaiting the call from the dark side in order to lay the groundwork for what will be referred to as their "base."

For anyone who enjoys watching congressionals expose their genitalia in an effort to attract the lowest common denominator in a search for voter appeal, the next two years will be the Super Bowl, the World's Series, and the Oscars all rolled into one. I suggest that Arizona's senior Senator, John McCain, will be one of the more interesting examples to keep under your microscope.

The man who once stood up and publicly condemned the Federal Marriage Amendment to the US Constitution has now decided to jump into bed with the CRWXtians who not only want gays people to never see the light of governmental approval on their marriage commitments, but would also see to it that gay families (you know, 2 fathers or 2 mothers raising little children like heterosexual families do) never receive the benefits due them by either the government (national, state or local) or the company the are employed by - all in the name of the "protection of marriage."

Now, I can understand that Big John needs to sodomize the Xtian right in order to win votes in places like South Carolina and Tejas. But I would have thought the man could find a better way to do it. I don't care if he runs around saying he thinks "marriage should be between one man and one woman," but to endorse the bigoted bill being presented to Arizona voters for a place on the 2006 ballot is taking things a step too far. He may as well hire Karl Rove to be his '08 campaign manager. Who knows, mayhaps he already has?

Obviously, both Democratic and Republican candidates will look at the 2000 election and come to the conclusion that the gay marriage issue could once again turn the tide in the election of 2008. I agree with that thinking. But, unfortunately, I feel Big John opted for the wrong side of the coin on this issue - at least where this particular Arizona bill is concerned. As it stands at this moment, many people who were considering supporting a McCain push for the White House in 08 would not even support him for the dog house now.

I feel if the Democrats can find someone with enough backbone to say that gays and lesbians are Americans and as Americans they deserve the right to marry whomever they choose - the same as most other Americans, that person will win the 2008 election.

The CRWXtians like to quote the Bible concerning the "signs of the times." Well, the signs of the times are beginning to say Americans are fed up with people trying to shove their bigoted beliefs down the throats of those who truly understand what the words "liberty and equality for all" really mean. Here's just one example from today's Arizona Republic:

John McCain sure had me fooled. I thought McCain was a fiscal conservative and asocial moderate, someone the late Barry Goldwater would have been proud to support. I was certain that McCain was the only Republican who could beat Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton in the next presidential election.Those positive thoughts were dashed overnight when the cynical McCain endorsed the radical initiative being circulated to amend the Arizona Constitution to ban gay marriage and, more hurtfully, ban current and future domestic-partner benefits to government
workers at all levels.Has McCain engaged Karl Rove or Ralph Reed to run his
campaign and garner the support of the so-called Christian Right? McCain's move
significantly enhances the prospects of Hillary Clinton becoming our next president.

-Brent Bond, Prescott, AZ

I would venture to say that Mr. Bond is NOT gay. He's one of the many straight Arizona citizens who are tired of the game played by the CRWXtians. Big John better watch he doesn't lose his '06 bid to regain his Senate seat.

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"It is the logic of our times
No subject for immortal verse
That we who lived by honest dreams
Defend the bad against the worse."

-- Cecil Day-Lewis from Where Are The War Poets?


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