Thursday, August 25, 2005

No Waste Like Home

Reality TV in Great Britain is apparently somewhat different from our Reality TV. At least this show certainly is. I don't get any of those Home/Garden sorts of channels here, so maybe I'm just out of the loop and there are a ton of programs like this. If that's the case, excuse my ignorance. I don't know of anything on prime time network TV that resembles "No Waste Like Home," however. Here's the pitch: A show where the BBC's Queen of Green, Penney Poyzer, comes into the homes of some big time energy/consumables wastrels and refashions their lives into models of Green Awareness, or - in the BBC's own words: "Britain's most wasteful families are about to face the shock of a lifetime and a radical shift in living, as they follow Penney Poyzer's advice on how to cut down on waste and save money."

Really. Would you watch? I certainly would. Here's what the BBC's bio page tells us about Penney:

Penney is an acknowledged expert trainer in household sustainability and is the presenter of BBC Two's No Waste Like Home, where she meets some of Britain's most environmentally-unfriendly families and challenges them to become more eco-aware by getting back to basics.

Previously, Penney worked on the EcoTeam programme showing teams of households how to save money through living a greener lifestyle. Penney then went on to create the first ever youth EcoTeam which has also won awards and was featured on BBC Radio Four's You and Yours.

On the website there are all kinds of ideas for implementing a more environmentally conscious lifestyle - in the current "Waste Not Want Not" section there are tips on saving energy and money in the home, good ones too. If you want more Penney, here's an interview - but, most impressive of all, here is the house where Penney and Gil live, the Eco-Home. You can take a virtual tour of this house, which is in truth the house of my Green Dreams. It has solar collectors, composting toilets. greywater collectors, natural plasters, paints and finishes, permaculture gardens. A house like this does not happen overnight, or inexpensively. But, one project at a time, it can happen. Let's hope this show makes it across the pond to become an American primetime experience. Maybe that way we can finally capture the country's full attention.

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"It is the logic of our times
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