Friday, March 10, 2006

He's a Leader.... No, He Really IS

I can’t seem to shake free of this line-item veto thing. Been out there surfing the blogs, trying to see which way the wind blows. Blue and red bloggers alike—the ones who go deeper than simply flinging crap at the other side—seem to think the line-item veto is not a good idea.

Some, however, take the Kerry complicity in the affair to a whole new level. Steve Gilliard writes this in his News Blog:

Let me explain why Kerry said this:

Because of the way Congress works, Bush would have to veto thousands of projects for GOP Congressmen which now sneak under the radar, and if he didn't, they could blame him directly.Analysis of Missouri pig farming: should have been vetoed by the President. Northwest Salmon fisheries, should have been vetoed.

Then for an extra funny touch, Congress would immediately vote down the vetos, humiliating the President, and protecting their pork.

You have to realize Bush would want no part of this. Nor would the GOP majority. Thus Kerry was not proposing a gift, but a huge dose of poison with some syrup.

See, what Kerry is saying that Bush is full of shit and wants nothing like line-item vetos to deal with, but it sounds great to the GOP masses and gives the illusion of doing something.
Okayyyy... I guess this is one explanation I hadn’t considered.

Hmmmm…I never gave Senator Kerry credit for being so diabolically clever. He played the deer-in-the-headlights so well during the 2004 campaign. Ah…but now I understand! His plan all along was to appear completely lame, so that he could go back to the senate and set up these fiendishly canny traps for the Bush Administration.

But…why am I suddenly flashing back to the guy I met at the county fair four months before the presidential election? The one who told me that he was sure John Kerry would be a great president, because, after all, if you put a beard and a stove pipe hat on him—who did he look like?

I can only come to the sad conclusion that real leadership among the Democrats is so non-existent that the desperate faithful have been forced to invent it. And the rest of us are waiting for the real leaders to step up to the plate. Before it’s too late.

posted at 2:20:00 AM by Lisa :-]

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"It is the logic of our times
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