Tuesday, April 22, 2008

While We Still Have Earth Days....

I hope that, wherever you live, Spring has finally arrived. Here in Central New Mexico the forsythia blooms are over, the lilacs are fading to that final, soft, almost grey, irises are budding, birds are building nests. I've been outdoors all morning pruning winter-dead foliage, making way for new leaves and buds, and if we'd just get some rain (not gonna happen), my Earth Day would be totally perfect. Once upon a long time ago Earth Day meant recycling, picking up trash along roadsides and in parks, out of streams...not any more. Now we need to consider every day as Earth Day, if we're going to continue to have days to celebrate this earth. And we're going to need to do a lot more than just recycle and pick up trash. We're going to have to change our lives, or lifestyles, quite radically, going to have to start considering every day to be an earth day. But, just for today, I hope you can spend some part of Earth Day outdoors, maybe pruning, maybe planting, maybe just taking a walk or riding your bike someplace where the air is relatively clean and the scenery uplifting.

But, while you're inside at your computer, here's some Earth Day sorts of things you can do:

From The Nature Conservancy Everyday Environmentalist, some tips from staff and leading enviro bloggers on how to make personal, science-based choices to help save the planet. These are not your usual "turn off the lights, turn down the heat, put the optimal amount of air in your tires" sorts of suggestions. No, here you will find Eat Seafood Like a Caveman, or Don't Hike With Pests, and other new ideas for most of us. This Everyday Environmentalist section of eco tips is fairly new at the Nature Conservancy, and they're inviting all of us to contribute. So, if you have any wonderful practices for helping keep the earth days coming, send 'em in so we can all get down to it.

And Save Our Environment.org, a National Coalition for The Environment, asks that for our really important Earth Day project, we get the phones ringing all day long in the offices of our members of Congress, asking them to support two new groundbreaking bills, the Sanders-Boxer Global Warming Pollution Reduction Act (S. 309) and the Waxman Safe Climate Act (HR. 1590) which would fight global warming by reducing emissions and promoting energy efficiency through the use of clean, renewable energy sources. Here's the link to the Action Alert. It couldn't be easier. If you input your information, they'll send the letter to your congress members. You don't even have to go outside...it can be done in a few moments right at your desk. And then, go outside!.

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