Thursday, July 24, 2008

Only Six Points Ahead

If you watch the tiny clips on CNN that pass for news, you might think that Barack Obama would be much farther ahead in the polls than the news media is reporting. I mean, here Barack Obama is looking all Presidential, speaking before huge crowds in Germany, calling for world unity to confront the issues that face us, and John McCain is struggling to put sentences together, and being helped out of the car by his younger wife. I think Barack Obama will have an easy victory in the fall, but the polls are not showing it just yet. I mean maybe people are on vacation, in remote places like...Kentucky, or South Dakota, and they are not answering their phones when the polling people call? Or perhaps they have gotten behind on the cable bill, and have only gotten news from talk radio? How can this race still be that close?

But you have to remember, that this is the country that elected George Bush. Twice. And each time the country chose George Bush, we had our best Democrat out there, the smartest, the ones who spoke the English language, and both times, we ended up with George Bush.

I got an e-mail from Steve Hofstetter, asking if I would look at a video he made and if I liked it, post something about it here on TBV. When I watched the video, I remembered 2004, and how sure I was that America could not make the wrong choice, and re-elect George Bush and his evil side-kick Dick Cheney. I was then, just as I am today, full of confidence in the American people, just as sure that the Democrats had the better candidate, and that on election day, the citizens of this country would make the obvious choice. When I woke up that November morning, and learned just how wrong I was about America, I had to fly to London for a week, and drink massive quantities of Guinness, to get over the disappointment in my fellow citizens.

My liver will never be the same.

The lesson learned, is that we can't take it as a given that Americans will always make the best choice. Here is the link to Steve Hofstetter's video, reminding all of us just how important this election is.

Don't sit this one out, don't assume a victory that has not yet been won.

Get out the vote.

posted at 7:30:00 PM by Tankwoman

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"It is the logic of our times
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