Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Race for VP

All the media outlets are going berserk, trying to guess who Obama will pick for his VP. There is fuss much being made about about the choice, and much theater involved in the announcement, some reliable sources say that it will be made as early as tomorrow, and some other reliable sources say that it will be announced on Saturday. The top two contenders are Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine, and Indiana Senator Evan Bayh, if you believe the reliable sources. The race for VEEP on the Democratic ticket matters much less than the one on the Republican ticket, since Obama is young and healthy, where McCain is only a few years away from....you know, the things that happen frequently to older people, death, dementia, and diseases that may be fatal.

I'm sorry to sound like an ageist, but he's freakin' old, and his VP choice is extremely important.

For Obama, if it's electoral math he's after, to focus narrowly on one swing state with 11 electoral votes, and another one with 13, I mean...math is a great tool for all sorts of things, (balancing your check book, counting the days until your birthday, figuring out if you got the right change from the guy at the local deli who looks like he may have taken some illegal drugs before he came to work ) and maybe the truth is that these guys are absolutely sure that one of those two states will give them the electoral push that they need to make sure that the next President is not a stone's throw away from a stroke, and that he will not have to pause for a nap, in the middle of a nuclear war. Did I mention that I have nothing against old people? Truly, I don't, but this electoral decision has never been more critical, and I just don't think John McCain is up to the task. But if I were Barack Obama, I would forget about the big Clinton party at the convention, designed to make women in the party feel okay about getting passed over not just for the BIG JOB, but also for the Second Less Important Job, and just nominate the Girl Who Nearly Kicked My Ass. Because she will not give him 11 or 13 electoral votes, she will give him a nation of women who will completely respect a guy who isn't afraid of a woman who is as smart, and perhaps tougher in some respects. We will respect his choice of pissing off his biggest fans, Keith Olbermann, the Nation, and the liberal blogosphere, if he would just re-calculate the math, and come to the conclusion that 11, or 13 electoral votes just won't cut it, when the stakes are this high. Hillary Clinton as VP would make this year's election a done deal, no need for us nervous liberals to fret about a lead that is slipping from a just a few months ago, to a narrow 2-3 points. Convince Hillary Clinton to be the running mate, and Barack Obama will take the oath of office, with a majority in the House and the Senate.

Pick Tim Kaine, and you've got 13 electoral votes, pick Evan Bayh, and you've got 11.

The math is easy.

posted at 7:05:00 PM by Tankwoman

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