Friday, September 05, 2008

Polls, Schmolls

I didn't watch the Republican convention. Not a second of it. I know that as a news junkie, I should have made an effort, but my two year old nephew is here for a couple of weeks, and so I didn't want to spend 2 hours screaming the F word in front of him. Instead of the convention, we watched Barney and Toy Story, which was much more comforting for both of us.

I did, however catch Morning Joe before my nephew got up this morning, (he is one of those very considerate kids who sleeps until 9 am), and all of the pundits were gushing about what a great speech John McCain gave, and I'm thinking....what???? John McCain speaking is sure to put nearly all listeners to sleep faster than an Ambien with a glass of Pinot Grigio, so did I miss something momentous? I have noticed that the press has been very careful to seem unbiased during the Republican convention, to the point of almost....propaganda. I mean how can a news anchor say with any honesty that John McCain has ever given a good speech, doesn't just the monotone of his voice make you want to switch the channel to anything else, even a golf match where the commentators speak in whispers, and the only exciting thing that might happen is a wicked shank off the tee that hits a spectator? On Morning Joe, there was praise for McCain, praise for Palin, and much ado about nothing, a CBS poll that showed a tie, 42 Obama, 42 McCain.

I have to admit, my stomach acid began to churn when I heard the results of the CBS polls. But polls, schmolls, if you look at the electoral map, Obama and the Democrats are still in great shape, we expected that the Republicans would get a bounce from the convention. We will probably lose Florida, but we're in the homestretch here, only 8 weeks left, and if the media will stop telling lies about how interesting John McCain is when he speaks, we'll be home free.

I think we're going to win this one.

posted at 6:45:00 PM by Tankwoman

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