Friday, November 14, 2008

Crimes Unpunished

The Joe Lieberman thing really worries me. It's not really an important matter, not as pressing as some of the issues facing Congress, but the tone it sets for the new administration, and the change that we have all pinned our hopes on, is troublesome. If elected Democrats are less than enthusiastic about flexing the new muscles of a larger majority, you have to wonder...are they up to the task that's in front of them? If change means making tough decisions, and the Democrats won't even take on Joe Lieberman, then how will they solve any of the other dire issues confronting the nation?

I guess I expect more from Democrats, after all, this is the party I have been loyal to all of my life. And I know of course, that Democrats have tended to behave like, well....chickens, (that wasn't my first choice of adjectives) in the past 8 years, first in 2000, not fighting for Al Gore, and during all the Bush years, basically letting the Republicans get away with illegal war, illegal wire-tapping, torture, illegal detention, and all kinds of things that true patriots have given their lives for all during our short national history. If the Democrats are not willing to take a little chairmanship away from Joe Lieberman, how will they ever take on investigations into the many criminal acts of the Bush Administration?

I believe with all of my heart that the crimes committed in the last 8 years should not go un-punished. If we ignore these crimes perpetrated in the name of our country, paid for with our tax dollars, then we are leaving the door wide open for the next unscrupulous politician to go ahead and do it again. There must be consequences to illegal and immoral actions, if Bush and Cheney leave office and retire to a comfortable life in Texas, who will be accountable for the needless dead soldiers, the men and women who face long lives without limbs and hands, the civilians killed in a war that we didn't need to fight, the men and women humiliated and tortured at the hands of American soldiers?

I don't think the Democrats are up to the job that lies before them. If they can't even take on Joe Lieberman, Bush and Cheney will roll right over them, just like the last eight years.

And change will be a long time coming.

posted at 4:38:00 PM by Tankwoman

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"It is the logic of our times
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