Wednesday, November 19, 2008

It's a Dark Day

It's crazy, but my body clock is so attuned to sunlight, that when it gets dark at 5 pm, like it did today, I just want to put on my flannel pajamas, my fuzzy slippers, and nap for a while. I know intellectually, that it's only 5:24 pm, but it's one of those days when it feels like snow, there is a bit of moisture in the air, and the clouds are heavy with precipitation that might fall as rain, but more than likely, we'll see some of that white stuff.

The darkness of the day is only intensified by the latest headlines on the economy.
S&P, Dow Drop to Five-Year Lows as Banks, Carmakers Slide; Citigroup Falls

Goldman Sachs Closes at Lowest Price Since IPO as Profit Outlook DarkenCredit Markets Drop to Record Lows as Confidence in Global Economy Wanes s

Dow plunges below 8,000

I remember just a few short months ago, when I worried that the Dow would drop below 10,000, and the world as we knew it, would end. Maybe it did end a few months ago, and no one has told us yet. I made the mistake of reading Jim Kuntsler today, and it put me into a kind of panic. He thinks that the outcome of this global recession spells the end of the Capitalist way of life, and that America will shrink to the size it was in the early 19th century, and we will have to grow our own food. How is that supposed to work? I'm supposed to plant some apple trees in the front yard, and grow tomatoes in the back yard? I tried that already, I forgot to water the cherry tree (that cost 185 bucks at the nursery in Bethesda), and it dried up like a stick, I never even saw a leaf on it, forget about the cherries. Jim Kuntsler thinks that we are supposed to make the things that we need, like plates, and shoes, and clothes? I took this pottery class one time, at the local Y, the teacher was pretty cute, she wore overalls, and had clay all over her hands. But when I finished making my bowl, and set it into the oven, it cracked into about 15 pieces, so in Jim Kuntsler's new world order, I'm shit out of luck.

I can't sew, I can't do crafts, I can't make things out of wood. I can't do any of those Martha Stewart things like making bread baskets out of some sticks and hay you found in the yard.

I had a couple of bags of old clothes and shoes, and dishes I was going to bring to the Salvation Army.

I think I'm gonna hang onto them for a while.

posted at 4:56:00 PM by Tankwoman

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