Friday, February 13, 2009

Are We Over the Kumbayah Thing Now?

Okay, let me now confess two things. One, I was really excited about the whole Obama bi-partisan thing. I was a total chump, thinking that different ideas would make us stronger, that Obama really meant what he said in his campaign about reaching across the aisle. I thought it was exactly the right tone for our new President to take as we confront serious global issues. I mean, these are serious times, frighteningly serious. So why did Judd Gregg behave like a cartoon character, like Lucy pulling the football away from Charley Brown, as our nation struggles, and real people are in trouble?

The second thing I must confess, is that I have no idea how to spell Kumbayah, and I apologize.

So the Republicans don't want to play nice, more fool me for thinking that they did. At least today, we have no doubt that they have no interest in solving the complex problems before us. So in a way, this moment, that makes some of us feel like chumps, is in fact a gift from the right. Republicans have no interest in solving this country's problems, fine. We have the votes to just run them over. We don't need to debate, let the Republicans sob to the media about the new jobs the Obama administration is trying to create. Let's get rid of Harry Reid, and find a Senator who knows how to get shit done. There is no better time than today. The wealthy and privileged citizens of this country, the people with money and power are today in the weakest position that they've ever been in. They are begging the Federal government for trillions, while voting against things like unemployment, and food stamps. I say, tell Goldman Sachs, that if we can't afford Kraft Mac and Cheese for poor people, we really can't afford to buy bad debt for rich people.

Republicans don't want to be part of the solution. So let's let the banks fail.

We'll all be poor together.

Equality at last.

posted at 3:30:00 PM by Tankwoman

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"It is the logic of our times
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