Friday, October 09, 2009

Chuckie Watch 122: Chuckie in the Tea Party age

I haven't checked in with our old would-be Nashville arbiter of Patriotic Correctness Chuckie (CHARLIE DANIELS) for a long time. But after Townhall August, I though I should see how Chuckie's holdin' up.

He was over the deep end already. Now I think he's being sucked into the quicksand underneath the deep end. In Food For Thought 10/05/09, Chuckie goes all-in on the conspiracy theories, from the Illuminati to the Council on Foreign Relations. His bottom line is:

And who would profit by America losing her place as world leader, why the people who are trying to engineer a global government.

Just think, when there is national pride and patriotism, the world is split up into sovereign nations, as it should be, the people in those nations will always find a way to have a say in it's policies.

They will not settle for being ruled by some monolithic government in some foreign city.

But if all the world had only one government it would be ruled by a few elitists and would be nothing but a dictatorship, pure and simple.

If God had not wanted us to be divided into different nations why would he have given the people at the Tower of Babel different languages.

Something is going on out there folks, I'm not saying that this is it, but it certainly bears watching.
I sort of think that if God wanted Chuckie to post on the Internet, he would have given him a functioning brain. But then who am I to say?

I hope hearing about Obama getting the Nobel Prize doesn't drive ole Chuckie to immolate himself in front of the Grand Ole Opry or something.

Chuckie has also discovered that there is no more racism in American. Except for, you know, all them thar black people playing the "race card" (Race Farce 09/18/09). Chuckie proceeds to give us his 100&-free-of-white-racism analysis of the real problems of them blacks:

The philosophy of Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and their ilk is that the black community's problems can only be solved by big government programs, and massive spending of taxpayer's dollars in ways that have proven fruitless for generations.

You can give people entitlements and subsidies until the end of time and it is not going to solve the problem of ghettos and poverty and all the other misery that goes along with depending on a government allowance.

If Jesse and Al and all the others who are so quick to accuse anybody with a lighter skin of racism really wanted to do something about the plight of their race they'd start a campaign to cut teenaged pregnancy, try to see that the punks who father these children are made to pay for their upbringing until they reach the age of majority, try to persuade parents to make their children finish school and take advantage of college programs, work with the police to get the crack dealers off the corners and in prison where they belong and stop telling people that they can't improve themselves without the government's help.

Unfortunately government entitlements only create dependence, not independence.
This is actually why I stopped checking in on Chuckie on a regular basis. Because he pretty much recycles the same stuff over and over. It's just sometimes when he swings into a grumpy cycle, it gets a nuttier than usual, like in the Illuminati piece.

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