Sunday, November 01, 2009

Obama's honors soldiers sacrifices while Liz Cheney whines

La Opinión is now making some of its editorials available in English translation, including El costo de la guerra/The cost of the war 10/31/09:

The fact that war is a bloody reality is not be glossed over.

We are referring to President Obama’s decision to take part in the repatriation ceremony for the war dead from Afghanistan at the Dover Air force Base. The image of the President in this solemn occasion stands in contrast to the policy of his predecessor. George W. Bush, in spite of suporting a belligerent policy over other approaches, tried to shield Americans from the costs of war by forbidding photographs of the arrival of caskets and separating out the costs of the conflict in emergency budgets.

That would be an ideal war, one with no deaths and with no increase in the deficit, but the truth is quite the contrary. The political intent to hide this immense cost is, more than anything else, dishonest. [my emphasis]

La guerra es una realidad cruenta que no puede ni debe ser disimulada.

Nos referimos a la decisión del presidente Obama de recibir los cuerpos de los soldados muertos en Afganistán en la ceremonia de rutina que se realiza en la Base Area Dover. La imagen del mandatario en este momento solemne contrasta con la política de su predecesor. George W. Bush, a pesar de favorecer la estrategia militar, sobre otros medios, intentó esconder de los estadounidenses los costos psicológicos de la guerra, prohibiendo las fotos del arribo de ataúdes, y el monetario, aislando el precio del conflicto en presupuestos de emergencia.

Se quiso pintar una guerra ideal, sin muertos propios y sin aumentar el déficit, aunque lo cierto es todo lo contrario. La intención política de desligar este gigantesco costo de la realidad era deshonesto. [mi énfasis]

Meanwhile, Liz Cheney whines about Obama honoring our troops. Is it genetic, or did Liz have to work to acquire her father's psychopathic approach?

At this point, we really do have to wonder if "patriotism" for many Republicans is now simply a synonym for "supports the Republican Party". Digby (Wingnut Revisionists Hullabaloo 10/30/09) and Blue Texan (Attention Bush Apologists: Reagan Greeted Fallen Americans at an Air Force Base, Idiots FireDogLake 10/30/09). Digby writes:

Any discussion that there's something untoward in the President greeting dead soldiers is wingnut revisionist crap. Kings and leaders have been doing this since time began. It's a sign of respect for the fallen and they do it publicly as gesture on behalf of the people . That these so-called patriots think there's now something wrong with that tells you everything you need to know about their sincerity

Why do they hate the troops so much?
At this point, especially with the Cheneys, that finally question hardly seems ironic at all.

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