Thursday, January 14, 2010

I Know it's Just Politics...

....but I like it.

Hey how cool is it to have the President of the United States, stand up for the taxpayers and say, "We WANT OUR MONEY BACK!"? I've never heard of such a thing. And maybe it's just words, just politicians saying the things they need to say to get the poll numbers up, but still, it's nice to hear. And certainly, with less Americans working and paying taxes, we surely need to get the money from somewhere...and the banks are sitting on all of the money that we gave them last year, minus the massive bonuses paid to the executives, so why not? What's the point of being the lone Superpower if you're completely broke?

I'm pretty sure that the 90 billion dollar tax on the country's financial institutions proposed yesterday by the President, will not pass through the Senate without a huge fight, or possibly some other massive handout to Goldman Sachs (cleverly disguised in the fine print of amendment x). I'm pretty sure the entrenched Senators of both parties will say the right things, pretend to fight for the people, and then suddenly remember just who it is that butters the Senatorial bread. We can expect all of the Republicans to vote to squash the tax, and a lot of the Democrats, namely the ones who voted against homeowners in danger of foreclosure this spring to side with the financial institutions that keep them entrenched in Washington and working not for the voters in their districts, but for the masters who pull on the puppet strings and sign the checks.

I wish that groups such as Act Blue who support Democrats running for office would hold candidates to a higher standard, because just being a member of the Democratic Party is not enough when our own members like Mary Landrieu, and Ben Nelson have to be bribed with taxpayer money in order to pass a bill that would help the very people who elected them to office. Our (you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours) Senate Democrats allowed Joe Lieberman back into the party who promptly repaid that favor by killing any chance of real reform in the health care bill. I would like to contribute to a fund that puts real progressives up against the lawmakers who would sell out our liberal principals in order to stay in power. Our party needs a good purge, and I personally would give generously to a PAC that would fund real liberal opposition to these pretender progressives.

posted at 6:13:00 PM by Tankwoman

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