Sunday, August 29, 2010

Foreign reporting on Glenn Beck's Whitestock rally

"By the time we got to Whitestock...": Pro-democracy demonstrators showed a presence, too

The Süddeutsche Zeitung (Munich) reports in Sarah Palin hat einen Traum (Sarah Palin has a dream) 28.08.2010:

Zwei Monate vor den Kongresswahlen in den USA machen Ultrakonservative und die religiöse Rechte mobil: Zehntausende Demonstranten haben sich am Samstag vor dem Lincoln Memorial in Washington versammelt, um gegen den angeblichen Zerfall nationaler und religiöser Werte zu protestieren. Damit dürfte - entgegen der Beteuerungen der Veranstalter das politische Establishment gemeint sein, vor allem Präsident Barack Obama.

[Two months before the Congressional elections in the USA the ultraconservatives and the Religious Right are mobilizing: tens of thousands of demonstrators assembled before the Lincoln Memorial in Washington on Saturday to protest against the alleged collapse of national and religious values. That, despite the claims of the organizers that the political establishment was meant, was mainly directed against President Barack Obama.]
El Mundo (Spain) headlined, La ultraderecha toma Washington 47 años después del sueño de Martin Luther King (The ultra-right takes Washington 47 years after the Dream of Martin Luther King) 28.08.2010

Der Standard (Vienna) Washington: Rechte mobilisiert gegen Obama (The right mobilizes against Obama) 28.08.2010 with the caption "Ausgerechnet Sarah Palin will die 'Ehre Amerikas wiederherstellen'" (Sarah Palin of all people wants to "restore America's honor")

El País (Spain) Los ultraconservadores hacen una demostración de fuerza ante la estatua de Lincoln (Ultraconservatives have a strong demonstration in front of Lincoln's statue) 28.08.2010

Der Spiegel (Hamburg) Massendemo für Ehre und Glauben: US-Rechte mobilisieren Tausende gegen Obama (Mass demonstration for honor and faith: US rightists mobilize thousands against Obama) 28.08.2010. The caption says:

In Washington haben sich Tausende Ultra-Konservative versammelt, ausgerechnet am Jahrestag der "I have a dream"-Rede Martin Luther Kings. Die Hardliner demonstrieren gegen Präsident Obama - und für die "Ehre" der Nation.

[In Washington, thousands of ultraconservatives assembled, of all times on the anniversary of Martin Luther King's "I Have A Dream" speech. The hardliners are demonstrating against President Obama - and for the "honor" of the nation.]
Polémica y demostración de fuerza de la derecha conservadora en Washington (Polemics and a large demonstration by the conservative right in Washington) Clarín (Argentina) 28.08.2010 with the caption:

A pocos meses de las elecciones, una multitud del movimiento popular conservador "Tea Party" acusó a Obama de "racista contra los blancos". "No queremos una dictadura y el presidente está intentando eso en nuestro país", acusaron. Martin Luther King dio allí su discurso más famoso 47 años atrás.

[A few months before the elections, a multitud of the conservative popular movement "Tea Party" accuses Obama of being "racist against whites". "We don't want a dictatorship and the President intends to make one in our country," they accused. Martin Luther King gave his most famous speech there 47 years ago.]
Die Zeit (Hamburg), Zehntausende demonstrieren gegen Präsident Obama (Tens of thousands demonstrate against President Obama) 28.08.2010, with the caption:

In Washington protestieren Ultrakonservative und die religiöse Rechte – ausgerechnet am Lincoln Memorial. Vor 47 Jahren hielt Martin Luther King hier seine berühmte Rede

[In Washington, ultraconservatives and the Religious Right protest - of all places at the Lincoln Memorial. 47 years ago, Martin Luther King held his famous speech here]
La Journada (Mexico) Marchan conservadores en Washington a 47 años del "sueño" de Luther King (Conservatives march in Washington 47 years after the "dream" of Luther King) 28.08.2010:

La manifestación del Tea Party, agrupación de conservadores derechistas de tendencia populista, tenía lugar en el Lincoln Memorial, en el corazón de la capital ...

[The demonstration of the Tea Party, a group of rightwing conservatives with populist tendencies, took place at the Lincoln Memorial, in the hear of the Capital ...]
El Universal (Mexico), 'Anti Obama' inicia su protesta (The "Anti-Obama" begins his protest) with the caption:

Glenn Beck, comentarista del Fox News , reunió a varias personas para desacreditar la agenda de cambio del presidente Barack Obama y restablecer el honor y los valores en EU

[Glenn Beck, commentator for Fox News, assembled various figures to discredit President Obama's agenda of change and to re-establish the honor and values of the US]
Cadena SER (Spain) Miles de conservadores estadounidenses se manifiestan en Washington (Thousands of American conservatives rally in Wshington) with the caption:

La ultraderecha se ha manifestado en el mismo lugar en el que Martin Luther King pronunció su famoso discurso "Tengo un Sueño" hace 47 años

[The ultra-right demonstrated in the same place in which Martin Luther King made his famous "I Have A Dream" speech 47 years ago]
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