Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Condi-Condi re-emerges to the adoration of her press fans

This song of Steve Earle's is still a reminder of how our star reporters and pundits love their Darling Condi. And not just the press. Despite her disgraceful and literally criminal conduct as National Security Advisor and Secretary of State.

Over at McClatchy Newspapers, where they still commonly practice real journalism, the Nukes & Spooks blog reports She's ba-a-a-a-a-ck 10/15/2010:

Condi remains a fascinating, often enigmatic person, someone who achieved much and rose to heights unheard-of for an African-American woman through hard work, determination and intelligence.

That said, the question[s] she's been getting from our media colleagues are softballs: Who will win the Super Bowl this year? Would you take a job if Obama offered one? (Right.) Who are your favorite musicians? Tell us about Birmingham in the 1960s?

Not a wisp about waterboarding. Or Saddam Hussein's supposed quest for uranium in Niger. Or her declaration that the 2006 Israeli-Hezbollah war in Lebanon was "the birth pangs of the new Middle East."

Call us cynical, but the Bush administration wasn't that long ago, folks. [my emphasis in bold]

Glenn Greenwald writes about the lastest Condi-Condi manifestation of A political culture free of accountability Salon 10/15/2010:

I realize this is very childish, shrill and unpragmatic of me. All Serious people know that it's critical to let Bygones be Bygones and that Serious National Security officials must meet with one another across partisan lines to share their wisdom and insights. Still, the fact that Obama is not only shielding from all accountability, but meeting in the Oval Office with, the person who presided over the Bush White House's torture-approval-and-choreographing meetings and who was responsible for the single most fear-mongering claim leading to the Iraq War, speaks volumes about the accountability-free nature of Washington culture and this White House.

John Aschroft was probably right that "history will not judge kindly" what these Rice-led officials did. But that's obviously not true of contemporary amoral Washington or its current President. [my emphasis]
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