Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Democrats: don't they even want to win?

I'm sure most of them do. It's just that, like I heard Michael Moore say on Larry King Live a few minutes ago, that the Democrats seem to get up every morning and say, hey, it's not looking sure enough that we're going to lose, so what can we do today to screw things up?

Dropping the deepwater drilling ban a month early, and three weeks before the election? After the BP oil gusher created one of the biggest corporate disasters in history? As though it weren't bad enough that the Dems seem to be trying to forget the BP disaster as quickly as possible, the Obama Administration takes this action to remind everyone that they just want to forget it as quickly as possible and let the oil giants get on with creating the next Gulf-killing disaster.

Forty-nine states investigating the foreclosure crisis - and the Administration assures us that their priority is to protect the banks. That would be the banks that the public bailed out last year, the banks that crashed the world economy the year before that, and the banks that the Administration supposed "stress-tested" last year to let them go back to their bad practices as quickly as possible make sure they were sound.

The phrase "never missing an opportunity to miss an opportunity" comes to mind.(But hope springs eternal; maybe this is a good sign: David Dayen, Elizabeth Warren Heads to Ohio, Hotbed for the Foreclosure Fraud Crisis FDL News Desk 10/13/2010)

Digby just picked up on this stunner of Obama talking about how he was sure he would be able to get along with those nice Republicans after the election no matter what happens and they would be able to find common ground, etc. (Inclusion Hullabaloo 10/13/2010)

Digby is understandably gobsmacked:

He's going to need Christine O'Donnell to cast a spell on the Teabag Republicans because that's the only way they are going to do anything remotely bipartisan. Even if he agreed to reduce millionaires' tax to zero and barnstorm against gay marriage and abortion, they would not help him. They want to beat him, not govern.

If Obama goes too far in trying to appease these people, he'd better hope to hell the Republicans run the Palin/Paladino ticket because that will be his only hope for reelection.

I don't think he's a dumb person so I'm hopeful that this is pre-election spin designed for political purposes. I'm not sure what those are, but I simply can't believe that he's serious after what we've seen.
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