Friday, June 13, 2008

Keeping things in focus on the Iraq War

Neoconservative columnist Charles Krauthammer has earned the right to be taken seriously by the foreign policy establishment in the usual way: by being spectacularly wrong about major foreign policy questions over the last 5+ years.

He's now advising John "100 Years War" McCain to Make the Election About Iraq Washington Post 06/13/08. Please, please, Mr. "Never Retreat, Never Surrender" McCain: please, please, please take his advice on this! Tell the public your position on the Iraq War every chance you get. Make sure it's the major part of every interview you do during the campaign. Please, please, oh, please do that!

War cheerleader Krauthammer has remarkably good news for us. We're winning all over the place in Iraq! The Iraqi Army has stood up, and all by themselves won battle after battle in Basra - even did better than the British there; they won in "Najaf, Karbala, Hilla, Kut, Nasiriyah and Diwaniyah -- from Basra to Baghdad", and let's all say "Yee-haw!" to that; all by their own selves, now, they "entered and occupied Sadr City, the Mahdi Army stronghold", so I guess that's no longer a problem, either; Iraqi prime minister Maliki went up yonder to Mosul, "directing a joint Iraqi-U.S. offensive against the last redoubt of al-Qaeda, which had already been driven out of Anbar, Baghdad and Diyala provinces"; the Iraqi Parliament has met every single benchmark the Democrats have said they wanted, except there's still one cabinet post they're squabbling over; and the Sunnis are cooperating with the government now.

On top of all that success, we've trounced Al Qa'idi, practically destroyed Muqtada al-Sadr's JAM (Mahdi Army), and nearly turned the new Shi'a-dominated Iraq into Iran's enemy!

Golly Pete, with all this success after victory after success, I guess we can bring our troops home, huh, Chuck? Ummm... maybe not so much. Dr. Krauthammer says, "Obama and the Democrats would forfeit every one of these successes to a declared policy of fixed and unconditional withdrawal."

I keep forgetting how special this war is. If things are going badly - which rarely even happens, of course! - that means we need to keep American troops and Blackwater mercenaries there fighting. If things are going great - and they almost always are - that means we need to keep the troops and mercs there fighting. And if everything becomes peace and harmony - and Krauthammer makes it sound like that couldn't be more than a few weeks away - then McCain will keep the troops and mercs there for 100 years!

Please, Mr. Greatest Living Saint McCain, please, please, pleee-ase take Charles Krauthammer's advice!

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