Sunday, June 01, 2008

Worried About November

I'm more than a little worried about the November elections. On one hand, I think that this election should be fairly easy for Democrats to win, I mean, how many Americans are satisfied with the status quo? It is apparent to nearly everyone with any sort of reading skills that the Republicans have destroyed this country, and that John McCain, the Maverick, will do what Republicans always do, give tax breaks to the wealthy, and increase military spending. So, Barak Obama should be able to win in November, given the sorry state of our union. If a Democrat can't win now, we should just dissolve the party, and move to Canada.

If the election were held today, Barak Obama would win over McCain by some 40 electoral votes.

Jun. 01
Electoral Votes: Obama 276 McCain 238 Ties 24

If the election were held today, Hillary Clinton would win by 133 electoral votes.

Jun. 01
Electoral Votes: Clinton 327 McCain 194 Ties 17

So...we have a win with Barak Obama, just not as sure of a win as we have with Hillary Clinton. Democrats, have decided to go with the weaker of the 2 candidates. I'm pretty sure we can still win. But the thing that disturbs me is that our weak candidate has made himself weaker by leaving the church that got him elected to the Senate, and maybe pissing off the very constituency that he will need in the fall. It is a complicated dance that he is doing right now. I can't respect a guy who gets to the top with a loyal group of supporters, and then ditches them because of a little controversy. He has already denounced the Reverend Wright, but the people of Chicago, the people who attend the church, have done an amazing job of registering new voters, getting them fired up about the election, telling them, Yes We Can, and now, what is he saying to these people?

I've always thought that Barak Obama was a poser. He posed as a Christian, he posed as a South-Sider from my old neighborhood, even though he went to Harvard. He puts on a southern accent when it is convenient, and he speaks of change, even though he has not produced any significant change in the Senate in his 4 years there. Barak Obama leaving his church, and all of the people who gave him this nomination, this great honor, tells me that he will strike whatever pose is needed, to win the election.

I'm worried about November.

posted at 11:54:00 PM by Tankwoman

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