Wednesday, August 13, 2008

MoDo's disintegration continues

MoDo, turn back! You haven't quite reached the Lizzie Borden plane, yet!

You know, I hope for her own sake and the general public's, that one of MoDo's colleagues or relatives or friends (if she has any) takes her aside and says, "Maureen, we need to talk. You're a talented writer. You've had a good career. But it's time for you to face it: something's wrong. You're obsessing about things in a thoroughly weird way. What's worse, you're writing it down twice a week or so and publishing it in the New York Times. You're embarrassing yourself. You're embarrassing the entire journalism profession of the world. And you're creeping out everyone who reads your column who doesn't share your strangely warped attitudes about sex and gender."

MoDo's second embarrassment this week is Yes, She Can New York Times 08/12/08. The basic point is that Obama is a girly wimp, and Clinton's a castrating dragon.

More specifically, Obama's a sap, a baby, a beanpole, a weirdo who doesn't eat candy, a would-be "savior", un-American, and likes "pupus". And, you know, he's kind of ... black.

But, of course, that's nothing compared to her loathing of the Clintons, who are individually and/or together conniving, grasping, drama queens, malcontents, revisionists, political saboteurs, Machiavellian schemers (or is it Shakespearean?), incapable of feeling guilt, treacherous, self-centered, disingenuous, howling at the moon, think Obama's un-American, solipsistic, "filled with delicious schadenfreude", wrathful, churlish, volcanic, absurd, wildly horrendous managers, indecisive, bad with money, whiny, and a damper on "the dreams of our daughters".

Oh, and Clinton's "gals" (otherwise known as supporters) are awful, too. And Vile Bill makes "King Lear look like Ryan Seacrest", whatever in the name of Athena that may mean.

Given her loony previous column about John Edwards, the most astonishing line in this demented stew is when she accuses Clinton operative Howard Wolfson for fanning "the divisive flames" - by mentioning John Edwards' affair!

Maureen, this is beyond embarrassment. Bob Somerby has often said that if we didn't have a press corps like this, you couldn't invent them. But MoDo has reached a point where it's difficult to believe she writes this stuff even when we see it twice a week, week after week. MoDo, it's time to take a break. Seriously. A loo-oong break.


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