Saturday, August 09, 2008

It Could Have Been Really Bad

I can't remember when I first heard the rumor about John Edwards and his fall from grace. I do remember, that it was before the Iowa caucus. I remember thinking to myself, that these sorts of things usually tend to be true, and thinking to myself, why is he even running? So he never got the nomination, and we lucked out, but don't you wonder what the election might look like today if Edwards had not had the hubris to think he could get elected after cheating on a wife who was battling cancer?

It could have been worse, John Edwards could have been running as the VP. Or it could have come out right in the middle of the convention.
I kind of think it matters what a candidate does in his private life. You would not want to give a man control of a nuclear arsenal, or a huge economy, if he can't even control his d--k. And what damage does this do to the party? Women voters are already pissed off, how are they going to feel about a man who had the hubris to run for President when he knew he had cheated on his wife, who had cancer?

I wonder why someone in the DNC didn't ask him to remove himself from the contest earlier? Did he get votes that should have gone to Chris Dodd or Bill Richardson, or Hillary Clinton? Might we be looking at a very different scenario today if he had just thought about the party, instead of himself? As things stand today, the November election is not a sure thing, and you have to wonder about the wisdom of the Democratic Party Leadership, about why no one bothered to look into these allegations months ago, and why we are uncertain about an election that we should be winning easily.

It could just as easily have been another Bill Clinton scandal that followed Hillary through the general election. There was another guy who had no control.

We dodged a couple of bullets, it could have been really bad, had Edwards been the nominee, or the choice of VP. We can still win in November, but I sure wish that the contest was not so close, and I still worry about the wisdom of the Democratic Party.

I'm crossing my fingers and toes, hoping that we can limp to the finish line.

posted at 8:57:00 PM by Tankwoman

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