Tuesday, August 05, 2008

What happened to John Kerry on Sunday?

Obama surrogate John Kerry: does he actually care who wins the Presidential election?

One thing I failed to comment on in my post yesterday about John Kerry's sad performance on the 08/03/08 Meet the Press. It was bad enough that he allowed himself to be paired with pseudo-Democrat Joe Lieberman, enabling Lieberman's (and McCain's) phony "bipartisan" posturing. And that he praised McCain to the heavens for his awesome war heroism. (He used the word "awe".) And that he said he was glad to have good ole Joe stay in the Democratic caucus, even though Lieberman's whole public persona is now about bashing the Democrats.

This argument that Kerry made may be even worse:

Barack Obama is right about Iraq. Now George Bush, Prime Minister Maliki think we ought to set a deadline. ... He's been right about North Korea and Iran and the notion that we ought to negotiate. Now the Bush administration is negotiating. The Bush administration has moved towards Barack Obama, not John McCain. And John McCain's judgment has been wrong, and it's dangerous for America. (my emphasis)
Yes, that was Kerry's pitch: Vote for Obama because Bush agrees with him on the Iraq War! Obama and Bush, they're right on the same page there. Vote for the Obama-Bush plan on Iraq!

That's just so sad it's mind-boggling. Bush and his war are incredibly unpopular. And Kerry says vote for Obama because he agrees with Bush on the Iraq War! Plus, McCain has been working hard to create the impression that he's been a big critic of Bush on the war.

What was Kerry thinking on Sunday? Does he really just not care who wins the Presidency this year? That was worse than "phoning it in". Kerry was playing the McCain game all over the place. If he can't make a real case for Obama, he should just absent himself from this campaign. If that performance is any measure, Obama should be distancing himself from John Kerry, not from Wes Clark.

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