Thursday, October 09, 2008

BREAKING: Obama Buys Full Half Hour of Network Primetime

Obama goes for the jugular:

Barack Obama has purchased a half-hour of airtime on CBS, sources confirm.

The Obama campaign will air a half-hour primetime special on Wednesday, Oct. 29, at 8 p.m.

Sources say the Obama camp is also in talks with NBC and Fox. NBC is said to be very near a deal. With Fox, the matter is likely to remain uncertain as the time period could conflict with Game 6 of the World Series.
The last one to do this was Ross Perot in 1992. Recall how much of an impact Perot made with that.

Now Obama is doing it, barely a week before election. He is bringing his case directly to the electorate. Focusing on the issues that matter to all of us. Just Obama. Unfiltered. For a full half hour.

Imagine for a minute what the impact of that will be in today's climate, with people scared and angry about the potential loss of their jobs, their savings, their homes and health care.

Right now, millions of households across America are receiving their end-of-quarter pension and investment statements, with their share in the $2 trillion loss in the stock market staring them in the face.


And the bloodbath isn't over yet, as the markets goes into freefall:

Stocks plunged in the final hour of trading Thursday, sending the Dow Jones industrial average down more than 675 points, or more than 7 percent, to its lowest level in five years after a major credit ratings agency said it was considering cutting its rating on General Motors Corp.

The Standard & Poor's 500 index also fell more than 7 percent.

The declines came on the anniversary of the closing highs of the Dow and the S&P. The Dow has lost 5,585 points, or 39 percent, since closing at 14,198 a year ago. The S&P 500, meanwhile, is off 655 points, or 42 percent, since recording its high of 1,565.15.
Meanwhile, McCain/Palin continues their descent into filth, inciting hatred and irrational fear among the right wing lynch mob with their disgusting Ayers nonsense.

The right choice in November gets no clearer than this.

More reactions at Memeorandum.

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