Thursday, October 16, 2008

Obama's Cesar Millan Effect

The photo which best sums up tonight's debate:

Shorter Obama/McCain Final Debate

Andrew Sullivan said it best (emphasis mine):

At no point have we seen a grace note from McCain. When dealing with the negativism of the campaign, it would not have killed him to seem genuinely horrified at calls for violence rather than offended that anyone dare criticize him or some of his supporters. Or to wish Obama well. It's this lack of generosity of spirit that he lacks and that people want in a president. Obama still manages to say when he agrees with or admires McCain. In this whole dynamic, Obama seems more secure, more self-controlled, more mature. He is the Alpha Male on this stage, and McCain the bristling teen - aged 72. No wonder women seem to be so disproportionately pro-Obama.
As much difference as his formidable ground game and record-breaking donations are making in this election, it's Obama himself who is our biggest asset.

His steady, commanding demeanor compels people to listen, believe and trust in his judgment and leadership. He looks, thinks and acts like a guy who knows what he's doing.

My boyfriend calls this Obama's "Cesar Millan" effect. In this tumultuous times, people are scared for their jobs, savings, homes and health care. Their very lives, as they know it, are on the line. They're not in the mood for games (which is why McCain's negative attacks are an epic FAIL). They're looking for a pack leader who provides calm and assertive leadership, not a yapping, jumpy chihuahua who just gets everybody agitated and nothing more.

Obama is that pack leader. That is why nothing McCain tried to tarnish him with ever worked.

I didn't think it was possible, but McCain never looked more like a petty, arrogant little pr*ck than he did tonight. He was dripping with venom and contempt: all those exasperated glares, audible exhalations and condescending putdowns [e.g. "maybe you ought to travel down there"?! WTF? His handpick for a veep just got her passport last year!).

If McCain thought he would win the election with his performance tonight, good luck with that.

Considering that opinions are starting to solidify, is there anything McCain can do to turn the tide? I'm with David Gergen on this: beats the hell out of me.

As for Obama, I'm not popping the champagne yet, but let's just say I've got it ready and chilling in the fridge.

[NOTE: By the way, the photo above is of the world's tallest dog and the world's tiniest dog. The big fella's name is Gibson and the tiny toy chihuahua's name is Boo Boo.

Forgive me for comparing you to McCain, Boo Boo, but I'm trying to make a point here.

Lastly, I love that quizzical, amused look Gibson gave Boo Boo in that photo, which I think captured Obama's demeanor towards McCain tonight.]

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