Sunday, October 31, 2010

Tom Tomorrow grumps about Jon Stewart's simplistic call for moderation on the proverbial both sides

I'm glad to see that Jon Stewart's and Stephen Colbert's rally drew a good crowd in Washington yesterday: Bigger than Beck? Huge crowd attends Restore Sanity rally McClatchy Newspapers 10/30/2010.

But I'm not thrilled about the increased blurring of politics and show business this kind of thing represents. And this was political satire on a grand scale. But it wasn't free from the taint of High Broderism, with Stewart encouraging the proverbial both sides to cool it.

Cartoonist Tom Tomorrow wasn't impressed with Jon Stewart's speech Saturday drawing false equivalencies between Democratic progressives and the screaming mimmies of the Tea Party right. He tweeted on it several times, including:

Seriously all, no one consistently makes me laugh as hard as Stewart (except maybe colbert.) Just don't entirely agree w/him today.
Shall we take it down a notch, work with our right wing friends on defunding science, outlawing abortion, eliminating social security?
Rt @KeithOlbermann I wish it were otherwise. But you can tone down all you want ... the Right will only get LOUDER. // <--this. [for non-tweeters, the "rt" means re-tweet, meaning that comment was a tweet by Keith Olberman]
I should note for the record that I generally love Jon Stewart to death, but really hate the false equivalency flag he likes to fly.
Jon Stewart 1861: the North and the South both make some pretty good points.
Jon Stewart 1964: let's just agree to disagree on this whole "civil rights" issue.
The trouble with "reaching across the aisle to get things done" is that ppl disagree on "things" -- abortion, gay rights, etc.
Aggressive moderates: please unfollow. Not interested in calls for pre-emptive surrender to the crazies.
Like Digby says, right wing isn't going to listen to any of this. So basically DFH's just got told to STFU.
This is sounding like a college freshman stoner session. Dude if we just all remember we're like human beings you know?
Please Jon Stewart explain to me the difference between racists and Tea Partiers carrying racist signs.
And yeah to the extent this is perceived as a "liberal" event, can't help but take wind out of Beck's sails, which is a good thing.
That latter comment was meant to be kind of a compliment.

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