Sunday, March 05, 2006

King George's America

It must be nice to be king. Imagine taking a democratically run country and in five short years, turn it into a country where liberty and justice for all is more of a mockery than a statement of fact.

King George is having a field day. His officious pronouncements are not only turning the stomachs of Democrats, but they're even nauseating staunch Republicans. Imagine the grin on my face when I notice that the likes of sweet Kathleen Parker, columnist for the Orlando Sentinel, has removed her nose from between the swelling buttocks of her "can do no wrong" president to remind him that he's accountable not only to Congress but to the American people as well.

Truth is, King George pays no more attention to his faithful toadies than he does to those who have opposed his tyrannical reign since he was crowned monarch by the Supreme Court even before he owned it as he does now.

Let's take a look at the America King George's reign has produced. Under the rule of this man America has:

1. Attacked a sovereign nation without cause, overthrowing the government and causing internal and external strife unmatched in the past 100 years.

2. Not only condoned, but initiated torture of foreign prisoners.

3. Built and operated camps in foreign countries to house political prisoners where no one knows what is happening to them.

4. Eliminated the right to a speedy trial.

5. Eliminated the right to a public trial. (Yes, Virginia, over 5,000 people have been tried in the US in the past five years where nearly all the records of them are being kept secret.

6. Allowed the homes of American citizens can be entered and searched without a warrant by their government.

7. Allowed the telephones and email of American citizens can be tapped and read at will by the government, without a warrant.

8. Embedded bigotry into state constitutions and would like to embed the same bigotry into the US Constitution.

9. Seen one state (Missouri) attempt to make Christianity the state religion by law.

10. Seen one state (South Dakota) grab the rights of women to make decisions concerning their own bodies, even though the right of a woman to seek an abortion has been protected by the Supreme Court for over thirty years.

11. Allowed the Bush administration to make its inner workings secret in every conceivable way, thwarting Sunshine Laws in every instance. This administration is more secretive than even the Nixon administration. He's now employing the FBI to investigate and strangle leaks from within all Government ententes.

12. Allowed King George to interpret laws Congress has passed simply by stating what he thinks the law should be.

13. Allowed King George to run our country into debt to a greater degree than any time in our nation's history.

14. Allowed King George to transfer American jobs overseas and allow foreign workers to take American jobs in this country while being paid pennies on the dollar from wealthy corporate entities.

15. Allowed King George to sell off American infrastructure and debt to foreign countries without a thought being given to national security.

16. Allowed our entire national news media to be owned and controlled by only five corporations, making the truth harder and harder to be reported to the American people.

17. Allowed our Congressmen to be bought by corporations and lobbyists to the degree that laws are passed that hurt the poor and middle class while promoting the interests of only corporate America.

The list is a lot longer than this, but hopefully you get the picture. King George has two and a half more years to reign. The question becomes what will happen to America in the meantime?

What's next for our country? A return to back ally abortions? Christianity as our national religion? Middle Eastern zealots running our country? A Fascist court system with no accountability to the people? A Fascist secret security force able to arrest and detain citizens without due process?

If you think these things couldn't happen in this country, remember that most of us felt that the things that have already happened couldn't happen in this country either.

We can start to take back our country in November. But only WE can bring about the change. We shot ourselves in the foot, giving power to people who do not have the will of the American people as their guide. They hear only the concerns of the rich and powerful and act only to make those people wealthier and more powerful.

It has to stop. Now.

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"It is the logic of our times
No subject for immortal verse
That we who lived by honest dreams
Defend the bad against the worse."

-- Cecil Day-Lewis from Where Are The War Poets?


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