Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Moot Points

The Democratic nominee is chosen already, it will be Obama. Maybe Clinton can win a few more states, but the delegate count gain will most likely not matter, since even the most optimistic outcome will not put her ahead. I don't think the media bias against Clinton has any real bearing on the outcome in any of the primaries, I think voters at this point have made up thier minds, and there will probably not be any other surprises. Obama has shown himself to be a man of great integrity, and it is no surprise, that voters love him. I'm not sure why Clinton has decided to stay in the race, but she always said from the beginning, that she was in it for the long haul, and so she is true to her word. I'm not sure if staying in the game at this point is smart, but you can't deny that she's one tough opponent. Most men don't like tough women. To get beaten by a girl, or to have a girl say something mean, is to a man, one of those primal things that bring out that inner 5 year old. Even in this enlightened new century, the worst thing you can say to a man is, "you throw like a girl", or "you talk like a girl". To really insult a man, you can call him gay, but I'm pretty sure it's worse to compare him to a girl. I don't know why it is so, but it is.
Moot point.

I don't think it's true that Clinton is doing the work of John McCain. I think her point about experience is a valid one. Obama was a state senator for 8 years, and he passed a lot of very good liberal legislation. He has never been in a really tough campaign before. His opponent for Senate in 2004 was Jack Ryan, who had to drop out of the race because his divorce records were made public, and caused a huge scandal. His Senate record is average, you can't really make the case that he will be an exceptional President based on his 3 years in the Senate. He did not vote for the war, he was not allowed to, only being a state senator at the time, and if he had been a US Senator at the time, how might he have voted?

Another moot point.

I have to disagree with Neil, sorry Neil, about his description of the Clinton campaign in his post below, The Heart of America. Okay yes I do agree that it has been petty, yes, but mostly, it has been a struggle, and she has done it with less favorable media, less money, and she almost pulled it off. I don't believe that her campaign is about her at all, but about the working class. I think think her main opposition to Obama, experience, and naivity are right on the money. She is completely correct when she says things like wishing doesn't make it so. Electing Obama will not roll back all of the 8 years of damage and neglect from the Bush Administration. I think Democrats want someone to wave a magic wand and make it all go away. But it will take hard work, and someone tough enough to fight as hard for change, as Clinton has fought in this election. If Clinton were a man, she would be admired for not giving up.

I kind of think that Democrats who are crying about how mean the Clintons have been are in for a really nasty shock this summer. I've seen some nasty politics, and this primary doesn't begin to compare. Maybe Democrats have forgotten that the Republicans fired US Attorneys two years ago because they wouldn't target Democratic candidates for investigations. And that was only a mid-term election. Democrats should stop crying because someone got called a name by another candidate. This is politics, not golf. Whining about a little name-calling and mud-slinging is kind of um.... wimpy. The way to win in this game is to punch back, throw an elbow, not go and cry about how un-fair it all is. Democrats need to stop acting like a bunch of girls, oops, I meant whimps, and start getting tough like Hillary Clinton.

Otherwise this whole Democratic primary will be a moot point.

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